The Effect of Gamified Assessment on Student’s Achievement, Motivation and Engagement in Database Design Course

  • Norzimah binti Che Hassan
  • Norhanisha binti Yusof


Games used widely in higher education environment nowadays. Most of educators and researchers are discovering the potential of games in learning. Gamification, the application of game elements to non-game settings. The assessment designed based on gamification elements known as gamified assessment which continues to grow rapidly as a strategy to increase student engagement in the classroom. However, only a limited number of research studies have explored the effect of gamified assessment on student learning. Moreover, most researches on gamified assessment were conducted in the areas of English, Arabic, mathematics and science. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of gamified assessment on students’ achievement, motivation and engagement. Thus, this study used non-equivalent quasi-experimental mixed method (QUAN-Qual) design. Two approaches were implemented on two groups of students, which is the Gamified Assessment (GA) group using Quizizz and the Non-Gamified Assessment (NGA) group using the multimedia application. The sample size employed in this study is 80 students in Politeknik Balik Pulau. Students were divided into two groups, 40 students in GA group and other 40 students in NGA group. The analysis of Covariate (ANCOVA) revealed that there is a significant difference in students’ achievement between gamified assessment using Quizizz and non-gamified assessment using multimedia application. In addition, the ANOVA analysis also reported that there is a significant difference in student’s motivation and engagement between GA group and NGA group. Lastly, gamified assessment has proven to have a positive effect on students’ achievement, motivation and engagement. These findings lead educators to implement gamification in the classroom and create enjoyment in learning.


Keywords: Gamified assessment; Achievement; Motivation and engagement

Computer , IT, Network